My First Blog Post


Queue the champagne popping and cheering as I post my first entry in my blog. This is AWESOME and a long time coming. I have wanted to start a blog for many years but never had the courage…or maybe it was the inspiration. Well, that has changed. I have changed.

As I start this first entry I have dinner in the oven, a candle burning and I just finished the last sip of delicious hazelnut coffee. My husband just called and he is on his way home! Sounds rather Stepford doesn’t it?

Let’s rewind a little from my morning and I’ll explain how I am the furthest thing from Stepford, shall we. I woke up this morning and it was immediately on my mind that today is month 5 of being a bereaved mother. I have been pre-occupying myself with a new Facebook page Avery’s Garden, so I focused on that and found a way to start my grief process. I had this inspiration to do something pretty, something I could create to get things in my mind more centered and positive. I stepped outside and was surprised at the calm temperatures for being mid-November. The sun warmed my skin as I walked down the path of my outdoor memorial garden for the baby. I picked some flowers and foraged around for leaves and elements needed to start a flower mandala. Mandalas can be created by individuals to symbolize their journeys through life. I found it fitting for my activity to bring peace to myself. My journey on Capture Your Grief really helped awaken something inside of me that I think had been missing for a very long time. Maybe it is a need for something spiritual, maybe it is simply the acts of creating peace and calming in my life, but whatever it is I can tell it has only just begun. I focused on my design and my breathing as I laid out leaves and flowers to create an intricate and beautiful piece of heARTwork. I find these mandalas quite calming and in a way I think it is very much like meditation. My mind stops wandering even just for a moment.

I spent some time working on a project as part of a special give-a-way on my Facebook page. It will be great and I am very excited.

Well, I have some other things to attend to…yea know….wife stuff, but thank you for visiting and we will talk soon!!!

❤ Tara


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