Winter Winds 

​I woke up this morning with my inner-poet restless. 

💫This is “Winter Winds”💫 

Winter winds, your howling, from the skies I hear your call.

Twisting in the air, I can sense the meaning of it all. 

You bring your tales of sorrow, from all of the far away lands, 

For out stretched towards you, I find the sadness at my hands. 

You beat so ferociously, like a message so desperate to be hear.

And somehow I know what you say, without speaking a single word. 

I wondered how far you traveled, picking up the tears along the way. 

For in your winds, I hear the cries, the grieving have something to say. 

What would happen if I met you, would I stumble, would I fall? 

Would I circum to your fury, or find a path, and find a way to crawl? 

Your sound is gentle now, and I have faith the storm has passed.

But we shall meet again, my Winter Wind, for the quiet never lasts.


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