The Avery Project: Part 1

It was a cold and windy day. Day 20 of my Capture Your Grief Project with the topic being gratitude. I headed to Lake Katherine with a mission. I wanted to take some pictures but also collect various leaves as part of my month end project. I was calling it the Avery Project. It was going to be my way of giving back to angel moms I had met to remember their babies with my own in the Sunset Dedication topic of Capture Your Grief which fell on Halloween, also Avery’s due date.

My heart started to feel heavy as I shuffled around the lake. I stopped a few times to sit and watch the ducks that were playing in the water and to watch some bumble bees working their way through a patch of dahlias. I had a ziplock bag with me, and each time I found a cool leaf I would place it in my bag. 

When I first got to the lake I was introduced to my adventure by two mothers with their children in strollers. I couldn’t face them head on, so I selected a detour to cut around them. some days that is how my life has to be. A series of quick impromptu detours. 

After I had enough leaves to work with I focused more on my photography and captured some pretty pictures. I made my way over to the grand finale of my adventure. The Lake Katherine waterfall. I sat on a bench nearby and watched the water pour off the cliff, then pool on the top of the next tier before spilling over again. My life in a metaphoric landscape. A series of moments when I can’t keep calm any longer and my feelings pour out again. 

To be continued…


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