I love insomnia, said no one ever. It’s quiet in my house. I am laying on the couch so I don’t disturb a sleeping hubby. I listen to the heat turn on. click, click, click… and the gentle soothing sound of warm air billows out. I would start to day dream in this tranquil state of mine if it weren’t for one of my three cats eating the crunchies and munching away. crunch, crunch…crunch… 

My mind is uneasy tonight. I am thinking of so many different things. Last night my Facebook page received its first review! A sweet woman gave me a 5-star rating for the efforts I am making. I got a gold star in grief! I guess it is better  than receiving 1-star and failing at grief…is that a thing? I don’t know. Insomnia is making me ramble…….. ha! But, I was so happy that she liked the page. A stranger who never has seen me a day in her life somehow knows and appreciates what I am doing. I think I needed that. I needed that confirmation, even though others have given it, that I am on the right path. This is what I should be doing. 

Anyways, I have Christmas on my mind. All my things I want to do. How I want to decorate my garden or maybe even my deck platform. 

This is our floating deck platform in our tiny yard. My husband  (the Architect) constructed it to get around our association rules shhhh….don’t tell them. I was half thinking about making a Christmas scene out there rather than in Avery’s Garden so we can see it from our dining room. Thoughts? Originally I tried to talk my hubby into turning that into a greenhouse for winter, but I can barely get him to hang Christmas lights for me. 

Husband rant over. Insomnia makes me ramble. 

Anyways, I will keep you posted on that project. I have a few other ideas for Christmas but we will talk about those later. 

I am running a contest on Facebook to give away some love for the holidays. It is a way to give back for support I am receiving from the community. I can’t wait to reveal what I have been working on. Maybe I will do a live video to show it on Wednesday!  I hope the winner will enjoy my heARTwork. 🙂


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