It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas 

Christmas season has begun. I have been anxiously awaiting this time of year. It’s the season of warmth, love, generosity and kindness. And I am feeling determined at the moment to allow myself to feel happy in the sweet spirit of the holidays. 

Some of the decorations have been incorporated around the house. My husband started work outside hanging lights around our gutters and I  focused on the inside. I had boxes of decorations to go through, and a little at a time were placed in the bathroom, or dining room and in our living room. I was strangely happy just listening to Pandora Christmas, lighting some cinnamon apple candle tarts and focusing on the Christmas tree. I am calling it The Garden Tree this year. There is a mixture of big turquoise poinsettias, roses, white acorns, glittery branches and special ornaments. Here, take a look:

The tree! I added a tree skirt later.

My first cardinal ornament for Avery. 

Rose painted ornaments that remind me of the rose tree in Avery’s Garden.

A wooden ornament I saved from a wedding card given to us. 

An ornament from my parents when Mike and I were engaged.

Glass ornaments I made with ribbon I saved from gifts given to us at our wedding shower and celosia from Avery’s Garden.

An ornament from my parents to remind me to always be artistic.

I want to add some more decor around the house, and continue working on the outside Christmas scene we are doing for the first time this year. I hope it continues to make my heart feel good. 


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