Christmas Cards

Last Christmas my mom gave me this Christmas card. I saved it and saw it was fitting for this year. 

I have become very fond of birds ever since we lost Avery. It has been my personal goal to get one to eat out of my hand. I have tried several times to venture out when the nuthatch birds are zipping around. I put seed in my hands and stand, patiently waiting. Maybe in some way I am testing my patience, testing my faith that I can overcome this little obstacle. To have a small unsuspecting creature trust me. I think I would feel special, like an unspoken bond is being created. 

But this isn’t about my bird obsession. This card brought on deeper thoughts

Ever since I was a little girl I have collected cards. I have endless birthday cards, anniversary cards, thank you cards, Christmas cards and yes, even the dreaded cards from our pregnancy announcement. I wrote a while back about finding those cards mixed in with random other milestone sentiments. Sometimes they are hard to read. I have cards from my 9th birthday still, making me feel old that 24 years has gone by since that moment. A young girl in Chucky Cheese, the center of attention. I have found cards reminiscing of the pride my parents had at my High School graduation, and cards my husband has given during our anniversaries. These are encapsulated moments that can never be replaced.

People often write a short passage to make that moment even more special. I think this is the best part of every card. Going back to that one thing that had to be documented in the card. It truly is a thing of beauty and love. 

I thought today, wouldn’t it be neat to take all those cards that have been shoved aside in boxes and drawers and do something remarkable with them? My personal mission is to now go through all my cards and turn these moments into a Shutterfly book. I want to scan the images, and the hand written sentiments and put them into a hard bound book that will last forever. Because truly, memories should be preserved that way…forever. 

This project may take me a long time to complete, but I believe all good things are worth the wait. 


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