A Visit From My Angel

So, I want to share a story from my day yesterday.  It was pretty incredible and definitely an angel wink! 

Here it goes…

I have been searching for an outdoor patio umbrella for weeks now. I finally found one at a place called World Market that has all sorts of fun and eclectic things. I went to pick it up and on my way home I stopped for pavers and flowers. I wanted to turn the garden under my bird feeders into a rock and flower garden for Avery. An extension of his garden so far. I got home making trip back and forth to my car and back to unload everything. My cardinal was making appearances with his girlfriend grabbing a seed, staying for a moment and leaving. Repeating simultaneously. 

I was standing in the middle of my yard feeling tired but admiring my work. All of a sudden my cardinal landed on the fence right next to me. It was the closest we have ever been to eachother. He then proceeded to circle me. He went to fence post to feeder to tree back into my yard by the deck then onto my roof where he was singing. At that moment I realized something crazier. My Spotify that was set to Rock n Roll all afternoon was playing a song…Guns n Roses “Sweet Child of Mine. Ever writing this a few tears are forming. 

I burst into tears because in that moment I could feel my love, my sweet baby telling me to stay strong and that he loved me. I smiled through my tears and said: Everything I do, I do for you. 

#guardianangel #signs #symbols #averyscardinal #sweetchildofmine #signsthroughsong #loss #grief #infantloss #ic #icsurvivor #angel #mysonisanangel #mybabyhaswings #ibelieveinangelsbecausemysonisone 


2 thoughts on “A Visit From My Angel

  1. Tara I’m so happy you had this awesome experience! Reading this gave me chills! I love these signs we receive that help us to keep going. Avery I’m sure couldn’t be more proud of the things you to in honor of him! You are amazing ❤️


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