Angel Signs From Avery

A few weeks ago I was sitting at a family party when I received the first of many new signs from Avery. These have been slightly different than his normal Cardinal appearances, but are blended perfectly to make me well aware of his love. Avery is now using feathers to capture my attention, and boy, is it working! 

I am at the family party and everyone is shuffling inside to start on dinner. I stayed behind to let the food line die down a little bit, so I could enjoy a few minutes of perfect quiet outside by myself. I decided to start making my way inside when I looked down towards my feet. Perfectly planted between my two feet was a tiny white feather. My smile reacted immediately and I bent forward to pick it up. “Thank you, baby” I said to myself, admiring and twisting the little feather between my fingertips. “I see you” I whispered, as if the message would jolt up to Heaven and Avery would hear it as softly as I spoke it. 

After dinner I told my husband the story. As we sat outside I told him step by step everything that I experienced finding that feather. Sometimes I wonder if in some way Avery uses me to get messages to my husband as well, because he seems to be a little less in tune or as superstitious as me. I continued to explain, “I know it was him, giving me this sign. I know he is with us today…………..” Just as I finished my last word spoken, a cardinal started singing!!! My eyes widened, my mouth hung open and my husband stared in disbelief. Yes! He was there, making his presence known. 

I just reopened this blog post to continue from where I left off earlier. The second the post opened, my female cardinal chirped and is visiting on my fence.

This past weekend I decided to add some new flowers into Avery’s Garden. I was kneeling into the Earth with a package of green vined ground cover next to me. I dug a small hole and when I went for my next plant, a perfect black and white feather was next to me. 

Black feathers are known to symbolize protection and that you are going through spiritual intuition, growth or increased wisdom.

I continued to garden, smiling, and grabbed the next plant from the plastic container. Stuck to the bottom of the plant was a white feather! I was in shock. I started laughing to myself…boy, is Avery trying to grab hold of my attention. The next plant I grabbed did not have a surprise, but the one after that did. A white feather, wet, but still beautiful, sticking to the vine that was making its way in the garden. 

These encounters are so very personal. Each time I am given a little sign it gives me hope and soothes the cracks of my broken heart just a little bit more. I am so thankful for these moments because it reaffirms my belief that I am in control of my gifts. Why? Because I can choose to believe. I am responsive, and open to the possibilities. I think in grief you sometimes need to be. I struggled in the beginning, thinking, no, this can’t be real. These signs are just a coincidence. Where is the proof? Well, this is the proof. My son very much knows my heart is willing and open to see anything he wishes to share. I see him when the clouds form a heart only my eyes are staring at in the sky. I see him when it is perfectly calm on a Summer morning and his cardinal appears at the exact moment I have the urge to look up. I see his love in the feather placed at a perfect center between my feet.

I acknowledge him. And I always will.


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